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Black History Month 2021

During the month of October we mark Black History Month with engaging activities and learning opportunities for the children in their lessons and in assemblies.

We were very pleased to welcome one of our parents, Mrs Sylvester, to talk to the children in Owls and Kites Classes about how her family in Grenada answered ‘the call from the Mother land’ to come and work in the UK to support the NHS. We learnt about the two-week journey that hundreds of people made to the UK on a boat called The Empire Windrush, as well as other boats thereafter. Mrs Sylvester shared a series of fascinating photos of her ancestors and family members, some of whom worked for the London Underground, and the NHS as midwives and nurses. To find out more, please download the presentation, linked below.

Black History Month Assemblies

In our Values Assemblies on Wednesday mornings, we have been focusing on the lives of some prominent people in black history. So far, we have learnt about Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman. Although these have been difficult subject to discuss, the children have amazed me with their outstanding attitudes to fairness, equality and kindness. We have recognised Rosa and Harriet's bravery and courage in such difficult circumstances.

If you would like to revisit these videos at home, please click on the following links:

Harriet Tubman  -

Rosa Parks

If you have anything that you would like to share with the school to further our learning on Black History, please do get in touch by emailing


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