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Our School Rules

A Little School With Big Ideas

We believe that every member of Moggerhanger Primary School has the right to be respected and valued as an individual. Each child should be offered a positive, valuing relationship with a secure attachment. Unconditional warmth and respect should be experienced by every child in our school. Our colleagues in our school will reflect the values which we expect of the children, and we will model how to be calm, polite, sensitive and responsible if our own behaviour.


Children should be highly motivated to want to learn. They should understand ‘behaviour’ and ‘attitudes’ as the choices that they make. As teachers and members of staff, it is our job to ignite the love for learning, which will encourage the children to demonstrate outstanding behaviours and attitudes to learning. We acknowledge that children may make mistakes, and we aim to provide a ‘safe place to make mistakes’, and use these as a teaching point to help children learn from their mistakes.


We encourage children to have a positive disposition and attitude to school and learning. We support them to form good quality relationships with everyone in the school, as well as being in touch with their own thoughts, feelings and emotions. We foster an environment whereby children are able to talk about their feelings, manage their own behaviour and empathise with others. We aim to raise their self esteem and their responsibility for their behaviour and actions.


More can be found in our Behaviour Policy in the Policies page.


We have three very simple rules which all children understand - Be ready, Be respectful, Be safe. These are known as 'The Three Bees'.

These simple rules are then expanded upon, with sets of rules which apply to lessons and playtimes. The rules are introduced in whole school assemblies to ensure that we have a collective understanding and agreement of the rules and why they are in place. 


These posters are displayed throughout the school and outside.

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You can download the full PDF here:


Our School Rules: The three Bees

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Our School - Our School Rules

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