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A Little School With Big Ideas


At Moggerhanger Primary School we aim that all children should be provided with opportunities and encouraged to:

  • Experience a wide range of physical activity, both competitive and non-competitive environments

  • Enable children to develop and explore physical skill with increasing control and coordination

  • Develop confidence and competence in performing a broad range of physical activities

  • Develop positive attitudes to physical activity, showing resilience and determination

  • Improve social and interpersonal skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork

  • Appreciate and respect the efforts of others, as well as their own

  • Respond positively to different challenges and feedback to establish resilience

  • Pursue habits and interests that promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Become increasingly aware of how physical activity affects the body.


At Moggerhanger we understand the importance of Physical Education. Ensuring our pupils develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of how their bodies work and how to keep them healthy is vital. In our school the National Curriculum (2014) for PE is implemented through our partners at Premier Education for all pupils in years 1 to 4. Premier Education provide tailored programmes of planning, delivery and progress assessments.
With a head-on approach to physical literacy, mental health, and overall wellbeing, each session works to engage pupils and inspire a healthy, happy lifestyle. Reception children follow the Twinkl Move Scheme to build their balance, agility and physical literacy through partner, team and individual activities. Year 5 and 6 children attend Sandy Secondary School for bespoke PE learning and resources.  This enables access to facilities beyond those available in our little school, also supporting effective transition for our pupils between primary and secondary school.

Our 'Big Ideas' Threads:

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Motor Competency

PE Page 1.png

Rules, Strategies and Tactics

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Healthy Participation

Whole School Curriculum Map:

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Each PE unit of learning is delivered by a specialist teacher who is able to determine if children are developing confidence and competence in their physical development. Each half term our specialists record progress made through our electronic tracking systems. Adjustments are made to ensure all children can achieve, taking into consideration any additional needs or adapted resources that enable pupils to gain the necessary skills.


PE Policy

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Curriculum - PE

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