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A Little School With Big Ideas


White Rose Science teaches practical approaches to science and scientific language in a fun and logical way. Through our science curriculum we intend to grow learners who have curious minds, are willing to investigate and have the skills and knowledge to test their ideas. Our schemes of learning provide full coverage of the national curriculum for science but don’t stop there. They also cover scientific questions around sustainability and the planet, and help children develop an empathy for the local and wider environment. We break down the essential aspects of key stage science into easily digestible chunks.

Through experiment, practice and discussion, children gain core knowledge around:

  • Scientific vocabulary

  • ‘Working scientifically’ skills including systematic and careful observations and following practical scientific methods

  • The gathering and interpretation of straightforward scientific evidence

  • The use of everyday materials and scientific equipment to solve science problems

  • Articulating scientific concepts and using five types of science enquiries

We believe that children should be taught science in a way that helps nurture an understanding of the value of scientific skills. We think science learning should be engaging and inspiring.


We have carefully considered our adoption of the White Rose Science schemes of learning, creating a two-year cycle that enables a progressive scheme of learning for all pupils in our school with a mixed age range view. Through carefully organising each unit of work we have enabled links across our curriculum, as well as ensuring small steps are built upon. Science remains a weekly discrete learning event for all our pupils from Key Stage one to Upper Key stage two, building on the curiosity of our pupils that is developed through the Understanding the World aspect of the Early Years Curriculum.

Our 'Big Ideas' Threads

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Whole School Curriculum Map:

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  • Data drop on SIMS – Steps Aut1/Spr1/Sum1

  • Updated statements on SIMS AUT2/SPR2/SUM2

  • White Rose Science Assessments and quizzes at the end of each unit


Science Policy

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Curriculum - Science

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