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Values & Ethos


Values are universally accepted principles that guide our behaviour and promote good citizenship. We believe they are embraced by people of all faiths and are an integral element of society. We also believe that learning about values helps our pupils develop into successful learners, and successful adults.


Values are introduced through assemblies and classroom-based activities. They are for everyone in our school, adults and children alike; and adults play a vital role in demonstrating the values we are teaching our children. We ask that, whilst in our school, visitors reflect our values. We work hard to live our Values every day.


Through assemblies and classroom teaching, children learn to understand each value, and have the opportunity to discuss the meaning and relevance of values in our lives. We also award special Values certificates for children who are displaying our Values during the school day.


Our values are at the core of everything we do, they underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our children to be confident, resilient and happy and healthy individuals.


We have four core values which are in line with those of our federation sister school, Sandy Secondary School, where they are also the names of their four houses. Our four core values are: Courage, Excellence, Determination and Inspiration. Each value is accompanied by a child friendly statement and symbol to help the children understand them in context.


What does this look like in school?


They try to be the best they can!

They always try their hardest

They are responsible for their actions

They learn and are confident

They encourage and are caring of each other

They are themselves

They are honest and trustworthy

They use their initiative

They strive to achieve

They take pride in their work

They love school


The staff and children agree to our values and ethos and we work and learn together, to create a positive and nurturing community. We believe that every child matters.


June 2021


When a child leaves our school, we believe we have equipped them with the enthusiasm and knowledge, skills and concepts, attitudes and techniques to enable them to continue learning within and beyond school, and in the future. In order to achieve our ethos, the school has developed a number of aims which provide the underlying framework for our achievements.


These are:

- To have a love of learning and an enquiring mind

- To be independent and confident learners who strive to do their best and reach their full potential

- To be able to rise to the challenges and persevere to see them through

- To be able to communicate effectively and work collaboratively on shared learning experiences

- To be able to make active choices to develop healthy minds and bodies

- To show respect and care for themselves, each other and the wider community.


We aim to achieve this through the provision of:

- An innovative, stimulating and enjoyable curriculum, relevant to the needs of all our children

- A broad range of indoor and outdoor learning experiences

- An enriching program of extra-curricular activities and visits

- High quality teaching and learning informed by continuous assessment A rich, varied range of up-to-date learning resources

- A rich, varied range of up-to-date learning resources

- Opportunities to celebrate achievements within school and beyond

- A safe, supportive and caring learning environment in which mutual respect is shown and respected

- Learning partnerships with parents, children and the wider community.

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