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A Little School With Big Ideas


At Moggerhanger Primary School we aim:

  • To promote an interest in the past

  • To develop an understanding of events over time and in a chronological structure

  • To learn about the roles that individuals and events have played in shaping modern society

  • To develop an ability to investigate and interpret different versions of past events

  • To learn to study historical evidence and to ask and answer questions about the past

  • To develop the ability to communicate historical knowledge and understanding using a variety of techniques

  • To encourage children to understand other people, their beliefs, thoughts, values and experiences

  • To develop an awareness of the world around them

  • To develop an understanding of society and their place within it, so that they acquire a sense of their cultural heritage

  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of historical development in the wider world Through our teaching of history 

we also aim to:

  • Enhance skills in English,maths and computing

  • Develop thinking skills

  • Develop independent learning and collaborative skills

  • Develop skills in interpretation of primary and secondary sources

  • Develop skills in historical enquiry

  • Encourage children to communicate history dramatically, verbally and narratively

  • Develop research skills

At Moggerhanger Primary school, our History curriculum provides our pupils with rich learning experiences which help to create links in learning across many other aspects of our school curriculum, particularly in English writing.

Our History Curriculum is derived from a number of sources, including Plan Bee, PKC and Twinkl. We have carefully selected units that enable our big ideas to be reflected in our learning journey, enabling pupils to understand changes in time and place through these golden thread concepts. Our History curriculum covers all aspects of the National Curriculum (2014) with vocabulary, knowledge and skills threaded throughout.

Our 'Big Ideas' Threads:

History Page 1.png

Invention and Advancement

History Page 1.png

Invasion and Conflict

History Page 1.png

Monarchy and Empire

History Page 1.png

Settlements and Change

Whole School Curriculum Map:

History Page 2.png


  • Data drop on SIMS – Steps Aut1/Spr1/Sum1

  • Updated statements on SIMS AUT2/SPR2/SUM2

  • End of unit assessment tasks (Quizzes)


History Policy

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Black History at Moggerhanger Primary School


Black History Month 2022

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Curriculum - History

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